The Team

We believe in a light & nimble team with large production value that cuts through the typical "fluff"

Taylor Ballam

Owner, Cinematographer, Late Nighter, Love Fancy Dranks

Brennen Madsen

Lead Editor, 3D Artist,
Hair Bun, Premium Content Lead

Claire King

Assistant Producer, Arranger of Things, Keep us on Track

Tyler Larson

Cinematographer, Creative Director, Cyclist

Nick Barney

Assistant Editor, Foosball
Champ, Animation Nation

Hunter Ballam

Business Development &
Production Lead, Pickleball Champ

Ciara Johnson

Assistant Producer, Event Planner,
Parties & Events, Has Cute Kids

Piko Dwinanto

Designer, Web Dev, Ad Design,
Likes to Draw

Jodan Ballam

Accounting & Numbers, All Business no Fun

Farhan Fauzan

Designer, App, Mobile Design,
Loves Websites

Joseph Hart

Editor, Assistant Cinematographer, Runs into Windows