Yo! Calling all businesses, entrepreneurs, and do gooders! This is for you. MODO is looking to sponsor individuals or organizations who are in need of some love, laughs fun, and adventures. Following along @modostudios as we sponsor, create, & share new victories, struggles, & stories from real people each month. One monthly giveaway that's more than just money, it's an adventure, a checkmark on the bucket list, or an experience.


How can I help?

Here's where you businesses, entrepreneurs and do gooders come in. We need your sponsorship or product to help change someone's life for a day, month, year, or lifetime. In return, we'll be providing edited photo content, a co branded video piece, and raw video assets for sponsorship. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to others. Not us. In addition, we'll be your co-sponsor each month.

Lets do more, and talk less.


Who are we?

MODO creates video, photo and design campaigns for businesses and companies nation wide. This year, we are looking to produce projects that are more meaningful to us and those around us while giving back to others and the community. We are inspired by real stories and real people.


Come follow us on this #DoMore journey in 2019. 

Or shoot us an email at hello@modostudios.com

Talk less. #DoMore.